Mens Hairstyles and Mustaches with C4D: Tweak Hair Color and Guides for Picture Perfect Hair

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Put the finishing touches on your hair style and material.

Make the final adjustments to your hair. You will continue adjusting the clumps, and adjust the color material to give it a realistic and complete look.

Eric Reed is a CG Specialist with Hive-FX, a Portland, OR-based VFX studio. Hive-FX made a name for itself creating gruesome effects for the TV series Grimm on NBC. In that process, they've mastered all sorts of ways of turning people into monsters, including the use of Cinema 4D Hair. Other clients include Nike, Razorfish, Empire Green Creative, Wieden and Kennedy, Riddell and Microsoft.



- Hey guys, in this episode we're going to really dial down those guides and get the hair looking to a finished product. Let's get started. So, we're just going to jump in and do what we've been doing. Select the guide, move it around. If we need more guides, we add them. So if we want to see what the hair looks like while we're going and we don't want to have to render it each time, there's a few options that we can take. The first and probably the most efficient, is if we go into Editor, instead of guidelines, let's try hair lines. Let's also bring this down to 1%. Now we get a real-time update of what the hair's actually looking like. Okay, let's increase this clump a little more. Well we have it to 100%, and we can't go any higher than that. We can try lowering the variation, but even at 0%, our clumps look soft. So, what are we going to do? How are we going to fix this? One way to do it is to start it from the base. So now, it will reach beyond the tip and throw it to the other side and hopefully, counter-balance with the kink, it should line up. We can see how tight those became. Let's raise this back up to 40%. That looks much better. Okay, that's looking good. Let's increase our render size. Okay, that's looking better. Now, let's adjust the color. If we grab both our hair materials, let's grab the first knot. I like to use HSV, Hue, Sat, I don't know. Okay, so let's darken this. Let's also bring this other knot. Let's reduce the saturation just a little. Let's also darken it. Let's give that a test render. That looks better. Also, with our side material, let's turn on Clump. Let's bring the radius to two, the variation to one. Let's set the clump to 20%. Twenty percent was too high. Let's try 10. That looks better. The speck on the top is still looking a little soft. Let's see if we can do anything about that. Let's try bringing the strength down to 20. Also, let's bring the sharpness up to 50. Let's increase the sharpness. Let's try 400. Let's also try 100. Now, let's also fade the edges of the side-hair. That looks better. Okay, in the next video, we'll create a mustache and some eyebrows. Thanks for watching.
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