Mens Hairstyles and Mustaches with C4D: Refine Poly Selections, and Layered Density Maps

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Optimize your hair performance by ensuring that hair growth and density maps are restricting to the appropriate part of your model.

Apply Density Maps to the Hair Material, Adjust multiple Selection Tags and Hair Guides, and refine your Poly Selections to give a cleaner look.

Eric Reed is a CG Specialist with Hive-FX, a Portland, OR-based VFX studio. Hive-FX made a name for itself creating gruesome effects for the TV series Grimm on NBC. In that process, they've mastered all sorts of ways of turning people into monsters, including the use of Cinema 4D Hair. Other clients include Nike, Razorfish, Empire Green Creative, Wieden and Kennedy, Riddell and Microsoft.



- In this video we're going to finish splitting our hair systems. We're also going to apply our maps. Let's get started. Okay, now that we have our guide shaped a little better, let's give this a test render. There's a few things to note. First of all, we still need to apply our maps, we still need to separate our selection tags, and we still need to create two hair materials. So let's start out by applying the maps. So if we Control click and drag our hair material we can duplicate it. Let's grab this duplicated hair material and let's rename it. Let's name it "Side Map." Now let's select both materials and let's turn on Density. We're going to want to apply the Head Density map that we painted earlier. We're also going to want to create these into layers. You have to have one material selected at a time to enter your layer. Once there, let's apply our Side Density map. Always hit "No" when it asks you this because this will make a duplicate. We don't want a duplicate. We just want a link. Now let's go to the Render mode and set this to Multiply. This will ensure that we're cutting off the Head Density map correctly so that the follicles will only grow on the top of the head. Now let's select our side material. Enter the layer and this time when we apply our Head Separate map, we're going to need to invert the texture. Let's do this by setting the Black Point to one and the White Point to zero. Now when we set the Render mode to Multiply, it'll make the top of the head black and leave the sides white. This will ensure that the hair will grow on the side of the head and not on the top, effectively separating our hair growth. Let's clean up our skin. It's easier to see if we bring the mix strength down, so if we need to come back to it for any reason, it's there. Now if you notice, if you hit your Hair Top material, we've got the hair selection. But if you hit the Hair Side material, you still have the Hair selection; we don't have the side. So let's apply that. Okay, now if we give it a test render we've got a good distribution with a nice, clean part going across. But we need to adjust those selection tags. If you double-click we get the main selection tag. Now we need this texture again. Let's duplicate this tag. Let's name this one "Top Hair Selection." Go in and deselect the sides. Use the Fill Selection to remove the remainder. Okay, now that we have this selection, make sure that the tag is selected. Go into your Select menu and apply Set Selection. If we double-click to check, we'll notice that it's been applied. Double-click the other one and now we need to do the same in reverse. You F, Fill selection, remove the remainder. Okay, let's set this selection and also remember to name it. But when we go to render it, notice how it gets cut off. That's because we need to apply the selections to the hair objects. So if you go to Hair Top under Guides you can see we have Top Hair selection. Again, we have Top Hair selection. We need to apply Side Hair selection. Another test render and now we have clean distribution. In the next video we'll clean up our hair material and make it look good. Okay, thanks for watching.
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