Logo Reveal - Character Animation Using MoGraph: Adding Jumping and Randomness

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In this Video we will tweak the Squash and Stretch animation, and add the Jumping alongside some randomness. The Animation Timing is going to be controlled by 2 keyframes and a Falloff Spline.



- [Athanasios Pozantzis] In this video, we will tweak the squash and stretch animation and add the jumping alongside some randomness. So, let's add some keyframes for the plain "squashing effector." I'm going to place it somewhere over here, and in the coordinates tab of the attributes, I'm going to set a keyframe for it. And then I'm going to expand my timeline, and I'm going to go to frame 120, and move this to the other side and add another keyframe. And because I want a constant speed of the effect, I'm going to right-click and change my F curve from Easy Ease. I'm going to click here and select Cmd+A or Ctrl+A, and press on this to make my speed linear, so it's a constant speed now. Rewind, press play, and you will see that we get the squashing and stretching animation. Fantastic. Now, there are quite a few tweaks we need to do here, and let's begin by adding our jumping animation. And how I'm going to do that is by selecting my cloner, and I'm going to twirl these closed because I don't need to see all that information. Now with my cloner selected, I'm going to go and add another plain effector. Call this plain "Jump" and make it a child of the squashing and zero out the coordinates. I'm going to make sure that the falloff is set to linear just like our plain "squashing effector." I'm going to set this to plus X and make this 100%. And again, right-click here, say reset, and then drag this little point right in the middle, and then press Cmd or Ctrl to add another point and put it down there. Make sure the parameter's set to 100%. And because it's a child of the plain "Squashing," we don't need to add any keyframes because it's following the same position as its parent. And you can see now that we have this kind of jumping motion, which is totally out of wack because we do not want it to jump before our carrot squashes. So, first of all, let's go and fix our animation timing because currently, we have this linear jumping and linear squashing and stretching. And as you may know, when we have all these organic motions and jumping and all that, the motion is not linear. So, let's begin by going to our plain "Squashing" and I'm going to go to the falloff tab. And what I'm going to do is click here and press Cmd+A to select all the points, or Ctrl+A on the PC, right-click and say point types, easy ease. And the next thing I'm going to do is drag and select this one and then press Shift and drag and select this one, and just go here and zero out the right tangent. So, now we have this more normal motion and we need to apply this to the jump and not only the squashing. Go to the plain, click here, Cmd or Ctrl+A, right-click, point types, easy ease, select this one, Shift, drag, select this one, zero. So, now we have exactly the same animation spline for both of them. But what I want to do is I want the jump to begin when my carrot, let's take a look at this one, when my carrot gets squashed just before it starts stretching. So right about here, I want my jumping to occur. So, with the plain "Jump effector" selected, in the falloff tab, go select the first one and click and drag until the carrot touches the ground. So I'm going to drag it, there you go. That seems quite good. And you can see a value of 0.278. So, double-click in here and press Ctrl+C to copy it. And in order to create a mirror copy of this, you select this one and you type one minus and paste the value. Press Enter, and now we have this symmetrical spline and now you can see that it squashes and it starts jumping and stretching at the right time. And you can see it touches and then it squashes again. So, now we have our animation nicely timed. So we have a squash, and then we have a jump and a stretch, and then it comes down and it squashes again. And, of course, you can tweak these to your liking to make the animation look any way you want it to. The last thing we're going to do now is add a bit of randomness because these are very much aligned and they look like little soldiers. We want them to be a bit more random. So in order to do that, we'll do the following. Let me just place this somewhere here in the middle and I'm going to select my cloner and go and add a random effector. The technique we are going to use is the one presented in the Effector Weight Transform video, whose link is right below in the description text. So, what we need to do is follow the four rules. So select the random and then select the cloner. Go to the effector's list and make sure the random is above the effectors we want to effect. And these are the two ones we want to effect. Next, we go to the random effector itself, in the effector tab, and set the minimum to zero. Press Enter. Go to the parameter, and just remove any of the parameters and make sure that the weight transform is set to 100%. And then go to the plain "squashing," falloff tab and get rid of all the weighting, and then go to the plain "Jump," and do the same thing again, no weighting. So now, everything should work exactly as expected. Now, the only thing we need to tweak now is that because of what you saw in that little tutorial video, we have this little over-shoot, so all we have to do is select the plain "Squashing" and we need to go where the last frame is, and that's 120, and just move this a bit so that the motion stops. I think that is a good value, add the key frame, and now our animation is ready. And we have a squash, a jump, and a stretch and everything seems nicely randomized. And you can control the amount of randomization by going to the random and fiddling around with all sorts of parameters like maximum and weight transform and so forth. It's up to you, but for me, this animation looks good enough in order to proceed.
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