New in R11: Inline Editing

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New in R11: Inline Editing

Inline Editing is the ultimate in convenience and workflow. Any object link in CINEMA 4D serves as a direct access to its objects settings. While you can still double click on an object in a link to activate its settings in the AM, it also takes a way your selection of the object it's linked to. Now, you simply expand the link to reveal that linked objects settings right inside the original object. Edit materials right inside of their texture tags, edit instances from right inside the instance.

As well the user data management system has been totally redesigned to not only simplify the creation of user data including features like copying and pasting user data, but also offers a new control for organizing in groups with columns, making your own tabs in your object, and even changing elements of each data types interface.

Finally the HUD has seen dramatic improvement in how it is positioned int he viewport. HUD elements now retain their position regardless of scaling and resizing of the viewport and elements inside of groups keep their position within the group now.