How to Put Labels on 3D Objects: Applying a Label on a Bottle Using Cylindrical Projection

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  • Duration: 10:41
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  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

In this Video I will show you how to apply a label to a standard cylindrical bottle using a Cylindrical Projection.

To achieve the proper Label dimensions, we need to Calculate the relative Width, based on the Label Height and Bottle Diameter. For this reason I have created a simple XPRESSO Calculator that automatically calculates that Width for you.

To follow along, please use the file named: "06 Cylindrical Label 01A.c4d" after downloading from the "Files" link below.

The XPRESSO calculator Utility is a Null named "Cylindrical Label Calculation". Just select the Null, and in the Attributes Manager, select the "Cylindrical Label Calculator" Tab. All settings are there. Please feel free to Paste it into any document you wish and use it and share it freely.