CV-Import Image As: New in Import Image As v1.5

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v1.5 Adds a sizing options dialog, 1:1 pixel:unit import, and improved support for image sequences.

CV Import Image As makes it incredibly simple to import a large number of images into your C4D scenes as proportional planes, sprites, skies, gobos, and more. Version 1.5 add a number of enhancements built in direct response to user feedback:

- Options Dialogs for CV-Import as Plane and CV-Import as Sprite.
- Max Width and Max Height options allow you to choose whether images will be uniform in height or width.
- Match Resolution makes it possible to bring in pixel-perfect designs layer by layer and ensure they will all match up. Perfect for fantasy user interfaces (FUI).
- Image Sequence Detection means that you can import a giant directory of image sequences and have each properly interpreted as animation on its own plane.
- Ignore Image Sequences so that you can import sequentially named images (Cat01.jpg, Cat02.jpg, Cat03.jpg) as separate images instead of animation.

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