CV-FireWorks: Download and Install

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In this video we will cover how to install CV-Fireworks.

In this video we will cover how to download and install CV-Fireworks into Cinema 4D.

Fireworks preset features:
- Create endless types of firework variations
- Customize your firework height, size, color, shape, and adjust physics.
- Fireworks can emit from a point or from an image.
- Render with lights, hair, geometry, splines, and pyroclusters.
- Create multiple fireworks in a scene and impress your client with stunning visuals!

To Install CV-Fireworks:
You will need to download the .zip folder from Cineversity by clicking the "Files" button above. You will then need to extract the .lib file before placing it in your Library folder.
If you already have C4D open, you will have to restart the program before you will see CV-Fireworks appear.



In this video, we'll add fireworks to our scene with the CV fireworks preset. So, the first thing we're going to do is go ahead and install the preset. So, you need to download it from Cineversity, and then you'll have a .lib4D file, which is a library file for Cinema 4D. Now, you can drop this into Cinema 4D directly and gain access to it there. But that won't permanently install it. So what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and permanently install it. So, I've already got it installed, but just to show you how to do this on Windows, and it's very similar on the Mac, what you can do is take your preset and you'll go to your directory, where you have Cinema 4D installed. Then, you'll go to library, browser, and then just drop it in. So, let's go ahead and wrap the video here.
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