CV-Dailies, part 03: Add Note, Next Note, Previous Note, Show All, and Summarize

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A detailed feature reference for the CV-Dailies animation review script set.

A detailed overview of CV-Dailies along with basic usage instructions.

CV-Add Note: Adds an annotation tag to the selected object and allows you to add the name at the same time.
CV- Next Note: Frames the next annotation tag in your scene.
CV-Previous Note: Selects the previous annotation tag and frames the object it’s attached to.
CV-Show & Fold All: Makes it easy to see every annotation tag in your scene.
CV-Summarize Notes: Creates a block of Markdown-formatted text that you can easily drop into an email listing all notes and markers in your scene.
CV-Add Named Marker: Creates a marker at the current frame and gives it a name.
CV-Dailies Palette: Opens a palette that includes a number of tools that make it easy to add notes to your current scene.