CV-AR: Version 1.5 Overview

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Learn about the powerful new features of CV-AR 1.5.

Download the app from the iOS App store
Or view the App Store from your browser.
CV-AR 1.5 is available for Cinema 4D R19 and R20 Studio.
CV-AR iOS App requires a device with a True Depth Camera running iOS 12.1 or greater.

Updates to CV-AR 1.5:
- Updated to iOS 12.1
- Record at 30 or 60 FPS
- Record all image frames or just the first image only. Using just the first image will save on memory usage and processing power.
- Directly share captures from your device via email, AirDrop, iCloud Drive etc...
- Exporting of Tongue Blend Shape
- Exporting iOS 12 Eye Tracking
- Support for all iPhones and iPads that have the True Depth camera.

If you are experiencing any issues with CV-AR, you can Report Bug here.