Creating, Texturing and Rendering a Wine Bottle & Box: Adding Ribbing to the Box with a Gradient

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Instructor Raymond Olsen

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Using the “Mix Textures” option in the texture tag to combine material channels and texture projections.

We’ll begin by making a close up camera to view the cardboard texture in detail. We’ll then create a new “ribbing” material and use a tiled gradient in it’s color channel to line up a rib pattern on the box. Next we’ll cut and paste that gradient into the bump channel and then deactivate the color channel leaving only the bump channel active. Then we’ll fine tune the original cardboard material and add a roughness map to it’s reflection layer. We’ll finish up by placing the ribbing texture tag above the cardboard texture tag and below the box stripe texture tag. The we’ll enable the ribbing texture tag’s “mix textures” option to allow the ribbing material’s bump channel to be mixed with the cardboard material’s bump channel.