Creating, Texturing and Rendering a Wine Bottle & Box: Layering Texture Tags

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Instructor Raymond Olsen

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Using more than one material and texture projection on a single object using layered texture tags and alpha channels.

We’ll begin by creating two PBR materials to use for the wine box. Next we’ll layer the texture tags on the box top and use a flat projection to place the logo wordmark material. Then we’ll use an alpha channel gradient in the logo material to reveal the cardboard material under it. After that we’ll reveal the 1 page layer in the object manager and duplicate the floor and light planes. We’ll rename the duplicates and assign them to the two page layer for use in this installment. We’ll hide the 1 page layer once again and quickly set up our 2 page composition by tweaking the floor and light planes. We’ll finish the video with the creation of the 2 page camera.