Creating, Texturing and Rendering a Wine Bottle & Box: Use Edge to Spline to Create a Package

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Using edge to spline and extrude to model an object that surrounds another object.

To create the wine package’s cardboard insert we’ll start with the current state to object command giving us an editable copy of the wine bottle instance. Then we activate viewport solo on the new copy to isolate it in the viewport, and use a loop selection in edge mode to select the wine bottle profile. Next the edge to spline tool is used to create a copy of the profile. The editable wine bottle copy is no longer needed after that so it’s deleted. After that the create outline tool is used on the spline to introduce a gap between the wine bottle and the spline. A rectangle spline primitive is then made to define the outside edge of the insert. After lining these two splines up on the same world Y coordinates, the connect and delete tool is used to merge them into one spline which will then be extruded to make our insert.