Creating a MoGraph Sports Intro Animatic: Building the Logo Element

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In this video, we’ll build the logo element that is the hero of our final shot.

In this video, we’ll build the logo element that is the hero of our final shot. We’ll start by modifying and reusing some of the geometry from shot three, then we’ll finish off with cubes and mograph type. The logo element will be built in a separate scene and then copied and pasted directly into the final scene for animation.



In this video, we'll rough out the basic shapes of the logo element that is the hero of our final shot. For now, we'll be using cubes and some type to give the viewer a basic idea of how the final logo element will move and fill the frame. Go ahead and create a new cinema file, and save it out as "Logo Element Low Res". Now, let's pull in the logo element that we did for Shot 3. Open your latest Shot 3 version. Then, I'm going to save this file as "Clipboard". This is something I saw my buddy do a long time ago. It's just an easy way to give you a throwaway file. So you can save whatever as "Clipboard", and this way we don't accidentally save over Shot 3 that we did earlier. So we want to pull this out at this position. So I'm going to go to the last frame. I'm going to delete that Pose Morph Tag that we made. Now, if you scrub through, that animation is gone and it's stuck here. So let's get rid of the floor and the inner walls. I'm going to rename this to "Logo Backer". I'm going to turn the caps back on, and then we're going to move it... Well, actually, we're going to leave it there. But we need to make it a little shorter. So we'll go with a height of 50, just to give it a disk to put back behind the type. So move that up there, about where it was. Then, grab your type and pull that above the cap. Our crescents, they'll be what connects to the rest of the logo element. So we need them to be a little beefier. So we'll say 200. So I think that'll work. We can plug this right into the front of the rest of our shapes. We don't need the cap, however, so let's go ahead and delete the cap assembly. We want the rail detail, so go ahead and drop that in along with the logo backer. We're going to want this to set upright in the other file. So I'll go ahead and spin it here, and there we go. That's our logo element to start. So I'll save the "Clipboard" just for kicks. Copy this, Ctrl+C, and then open up your Logo Element Low Res file, and paste your Capsule Animation group into this file. Let's take a look at the storyboard, so we can see what we're building. So it's just our logo capsule, and we're going to block the rest out with some cubes. I'm going to turn on my grid. Now, we just need to make a few more cubes to finish this thing off. So let's make one cube. I'm going to pull my capsule animation out in front of the cubes that we make. I'm going to rename this "Logo Capsule 01". Spread him out to around 925, up to about 260 in Y and about 260 in Z as well, something like that. We'll go ahead and fillet and use the default settings on the fillet. Let's Ctrl+drag that and rename that "Logo Capsule 02". This guy is going to be a little skinnier in the X, a little taller in the Y, up to about 400. This is the part that the front capsule locks into. So you just want to make sure it's tall enough to let those meet. We'll widen this guy up so it's kind of like a stair step. Now, we're going to make the two wings that the type sets on. So I'll go ahead and copy this guy. We'll call this "Type Backer 01". Go back to my four view and move him straight over. Drop that down to about 640-ish, drop the height down a little, and just kind of play around with your fillets and your sizes just to give it a little bit of variety. So that's good for Type Backer 01. I'm just going to Ctrl+drag it. Rename it "Type Backer 02". I'm just going to lock both of these in at 650, and then in their coordinates it'll be really easy to zero those out with half of that value, so 325 and 325. Let's go ahead and add our type with the MoText. Call this one "Game". In the Object tab, type "Game". We're going to use the same font, which was Gotham. Gotham Black, pull it forward, and since this is going to sit on the left side, I'm going to right justify it. That way I can scale it, and it anchors from this point, like so. I'm going to Ctrl+drag that over, call this "Recap". I'm going to left justify this one for the same reason. So now if we scale both of these, it doesn't really work quite the same. But you can fine tune over here like this. I'm going to increase the horizontal spacing for Game, just to kind of fill that space a little better. These guys look a little tall to me, so I'm going to bring them down in Y. I'm going to switch to Gouraud With Lines, just to look at the wireframe, kind of check out our work. It looks like our type can use a little thickness, and we can set it back a little further into the backers. Let's go ahead and copy that into the scene file. But first, grab all of your new elements, put them in your Capsule Animation. So now, everything is contained in this group. Save out your file, and then I'm going to copy the Capsule Animation. I'm going to open up our latest Shot 5, and now we're just going to paste our Capsule Animation right into this file. I'll just bring it down in Y, and we'll scale it to fit in between our conveyors. Maybe move it towards the camera just a little bit. So that will do it for the assets needed for Shot 5. Next, we'll jump in and animate the last camera move and the logo element flying past, as we make our way to the end.
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