Creating a MoGraph Sports Intro Animatic: Animating Shot Four

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In this video, we’ll animate the conveyor belt rollers using a time effector and then add a camera morph move inside an animated null.

In this video, we’ll place our conveyor belt rollers in fracture objects and animate them with a time effector like we did with the driveshafts. Then we’ll put a camera move together with the morph tag, but this time we’ll place the rig in a moving null to add a second layer of movement to the camera morph.



In this video, we'll animate the rollers with a Time effector. Then, for the camera move, we'll expand on the morph cam technique and use an animated camera in the rig. Let's open up Conveyor Leg Assembly Low Res, and there's the rollers we made. So we're going to save this out as a new file, and it's going to be Shot 04 3D V1. We need to apply our preview preset. Let's delete the old one. Let's take a look at the storyboard and it says, "The camera tracks along the conveyor belt ball bearings, spinning along with small lights throwing shadows." So for our purposes, we just need the camera move and the spinning bearings. So to get started, let's drop this conveyor leg assembly in a cloner to give us a row of legs. Zero out the Y transform, and then just push it out in Z. We'll go to about 125, I think. Well, let's look at this side view. Let's just try and get it equidistant. There we go, about 129 for me. Let's crank the count up to 10, and that should give us enough to do this shot. It really doesn't matter which way we're pointing, I don't think. But I'm going to use this orientation, looking down the X-axis. So we're going to start in tight on a big roller, somewhere around here. We'll make Camera 1 look through him. I'm going to zero out the rotations, and constrain them just so we'll be dead on. I'm going to move that up a little, and let's just center it. Something like that. Let's show our cameras, and now Ctrl+drag a camera back. So it'll be 2. What I'm going to do is I'm going to group these with Alt+G, and we're going to name this "Camera Track", and then we're going to animate this down the Z-axis, like this. I just had to change my coordinates from Local to World to get the Z. From 0 to 150, so now we have 5 seconds. I want to come about here, and then I want to keyframe this in Z. Then, out here, we just want to slow track along these rollers. So let's try that. I'm going to jump into the Curve Editor. I'm going to hit H to focus on the curve. We'll just turn that to Linear. So now, we should have a track if we play it. It feels like a pretty good speed, actually. So I'm okay with that. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to select Cameras 1 and 2, make a camera morph, and we'll look through that camera. Let's go to the Blind Curve and just see what happens. Okay. So I was completely wrong, but this shows you how easy it is to fix. You can move Camera 1 in tight and Camera 2 out. Let's check out again. So there you go. That's a good example of how easy it is to adjust the cameras after the fact. The entire time, these two cameras are being tracked down this move. So if we animate this curve from 0, let's say, about 16, we'll pull it out, that gives us a snapback and we're already tracking. Okay. So let's go ahead and get these rollers moving. I'm going to go ahead and hide my camera. We're going to use the same technique we did with the driveshaft, so grab Roller 1. Alt+click Fracture in the MoGraph menu. Do the same thing with the other two rollers. I'm going to rename these. If you have an active type field, you can just hit up. It'll stay active on the next object. I'm going to copy that. Rename the other two. Grab all three. Add your Time effector. Okay. You can see we've got the wrong axis again. This time it's pitch. Let's play. I want them rolling the other way. Do -90. Let's go ahead and grab Rollers 2 and 3, and let's do -150 on them, maybe -200. That looks good to me. So let's go ahead and move on, and in the next video we will add some detail to these rollers.
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