Combining Hair and MoGraph in Cineversity Brand ID: Generate Hair on Selected Clones

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Instructor Brett Morris

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  • Duration: 05:21
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  • Made with Release: 18
  • Works with Release: 18 and greater

Integrating the hair system with the mograph cloner via a connect object, then adding a mograph selection to turn off some clones.

Continuing on from the previous lesson, we’ll now integrate our hair object with the new geometry we have created with the mograph cloner. The mograph cloner will now be added to a connect object to be able to give the hair object clean geometry to generate onto. Using the mograph selection tool, we will select some key edges to be turned off on this object, then using the r18 feature, ‘hide selection’ will automatically hide the selected clones from the cloner, leaving us with a hair that is only partially covering the object.