Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite In Production, Part 05: Materials, Lighting and Cineware Composite

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HDR Sky for Reflections, Infinite Light, Import C4D into AE using Cineware

In Part 5 of this multi-part series demonstrating the creation of a promotion piece featuring footage from Waiting for Lightning, you'll learn how set up materials and lighting to integrate the the truss with the source footage. You'll learn how to add an HDR image on a Sky object to provide more dynamic reflections. You'll learn how to place an infinite light to simulate the sunlight in the source footage, and utilize the Interactive Render Region to preview the materials and lighting as you make adjustments within CINEMA 4D Lite. Next you'll learn how to import the C4D file into Adobe After Effects and utilize Cineware to integrate it within your comp. You'll learn how to transfer null position markers from CINEMA 4D Lite, and position After Effects solids in relation to the nulls. Finally you'll generate a matte from the source footage using Shift Channels and Levels within After Effects, and use the matte to mask the 3D geometry behind foreground footage elements.