New in R11: CineMan

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New in R11: CineMan

Pixar's RenderMan has become the standard in the motion picture industry, not just for its use on films but also as a format for exchanging rendering data. With Release 11, the Advanced Render 3 module includes support for the RIB format so you can render your CINEMA 4D projects utilizing Pixar's Render Man Pro Server, or other Renderman-compliant engines including 3Delight from dna research and AIR by SiTex Graphics.

CineMan translates the entire CINEMA 4D scene, including lights and materials to a RenderMan-complaint RIB file. CINEMA 4D shaders are immediately available in RenderMan, and RenderMan shaders can even be used within CINEMA 4D as long as a compatible render engine is selected. Best of all, third-party render engines integrate seamlessly into CINEMA 4D, providing editor rendering and material previews.