CINEMA 4D + After Effects Integration - Multi-Pass

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Instructor Chris Meyer

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  • Duration: 03:51
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  • Made with Release: 11.5
  • Works with Release: 11.5 and greater

Multi-Pass Rendering in CINEMA 4D

Learn how to move 3D worlds from Maxon CINEMA 4D into Adobe After Effects and add additional 3D elements that blend together perfectly. Chris Meyer - a long-time user of both programs - shows how to transfer 3D cameras, lights, and position data from C4D to AE, create track mattes to composite new elements into the middle of a scene, and take advantage of multi-pass rendering to quickly remix and even recolor lights, shadows, reflections, and more. Paced comfortably for those new to this process, Chris also reveals numerous advanced tricks and techniques such as the use of blending modes and how to cast shadows from new 3D layers in After Effects onto already-rendered 3D elements from CINEMA 4D. Comes with CINEMA 4D and After Effects project files, which can be found in the installation movie - number 2 in the series.