Chapter 10, Structure, 1006_0100, Close Polygon-hole

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Structure, Close Polygon-hole

CLOSE POLYGON hole - creates one big NGON, or can create Tri-Quadrangles. You can use FUNCTION, remove Ngon, but then it creates small polygons as if you had selected create Triangle/Quadrangles. Then you can Untriangulate to force quadrangles. Yellow preview. Check mesh by putting inside of HyperNURBs. Can close hole on multiple two missing sides of cube. But three sides causes weird problem. Instead use create polygon tool to fill one of the sides, then close polygon for rest. Eight is probably the least polygons to make something round. TRICK: to cap cylinder top with non-triangulated surface use point mode 2 x 2 plane 8 sides. Select corners, scale X and Z by .707 (sq rt of 0.5) and get octagon. Connect plane to cylinder. Delete all but new connected object. Create on polygon, then close hole (if remain in Ngon mode - weird surface unless CatMull Clark (without Ngon option). Use Remove Ngons - all done! unless want to perfect edges (edge mode) .