Chapter 10, Structure, 1002_0219, Split

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Structure, Split

Circle to 2 half circles. Using structure menu to find Bezier handles (Y dash arrow (either way? - just means handle) in negative direction (for bezier handles going down). Fillet caps constrain causes artifact when extrude circle and increase radius of fillet too much with constrain on - TRICK - Allow for the bevel - Using rectangle to knife circle at 4 even distance points (built in snap function) and select inner 2 of these and set to 'hard interpolation (little change). Then use split to select a hard interpolation point on each end and Beziers between - creates an arc (repeat for other part of circle if want)
7:00+ Chamfer - push radius up to minimize number of points. (Check point count in structure when Chamfer radius is zero, then increase gradually (point count increases at first) until point count returns to original (points go back on top of each other and disappear).