Chapter 10, Structure, 1002_0217, Project

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Structure, Project

Spline - projection. Radial - move origin of spline to center of (or behind) an object. All vertices projected in straight line to origin. If want more points, choose different option in "intermediate points" and choose "Current state to object" (also, more points when use than Vase icon (or C key). Can use point level animation to find intermediate points. View - all splines vertices in line with objects line up with what surface we can see (front or back). ZY plane etc - projects as if onto that plane (cube with all but three sides removed) - small cube, make editable, edge to spline, hide original, project new splines onto three sided old cube walls 11:18). Potential problem: If points exactly on top of each other sweep NURBs may have a problem. Can extrude result - perfectly