Chapter 10, Structure, 1002_0213, Outline

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Structure, Outline

Spline, outline - Can repeat multiple times. New points form a line perpendicular to the handles on the point (if bezier curve) e.g. flower petals example. Result: Uneven thickness of resulting "frame". Solution: Convert to hard interpolation first, then convert back to soft interpolation after outline (requires some tweaking). Alternative: DXF export (not Illustrator which requires sketch & toon) to Illustrator (only things from top view). In Illustrator, place, increase stroke! (Konturen) then hard edges (can experiment) then Object/Path/Contour line (english?) 93% is a good point. Saves as EPS and Illustrator 8.0 - works all the time. Merge back to C4D - comes in at 90 deg (EPS) and slightly different place because moved in illustrator. Connect splines and put in extrude NURBs. Voila!?