An Artist's Guide to All Deformers: How to Set Up Objects for Deformers

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Instructor Edna Kruger

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Learn how to set up primitives and polygon meshes for the best results with deformers.

This video shows how to add segments to primitives to get good deformation results, and how to subdivide polygon meshes using the Subdivide command, or the Subdivision Surface generator for non-destructive results. You can also use the Smoothing deformer to smooth out either primitives or meshes. You’ll learn ways to subdivide polygons using the Plane Cut tool, the Voronoi Fracture generator, and the Polygon Reduction generator. These tools are especially useful when you’re working with the Explosion, ExplosionFX, and Shatter deformers which all break apart objects based on their subdivisions. Finally, we’ll cover why the order of deformers is important in different types of hierarchies.