Affect Deformation and Texturing of Spline-based Objects with Caps Options

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  • Made with Release: 17
  • Works with Release: 16 and greater

Cap and Fillet options added in Cinema 4D R16 to generate a single connected object and control UV coordinates for fillets.

Two options were added in Release 16 to the Caps tab of spline-based objects like Extrude, Lathe, Loft and Sweep. The Create Single Object option welds the extrusion, rounding and cap portions of the object into a single object that can be more easily deformed. This eliminates many cases where you might otherwise need to put the object into a Connect object in order to weld the faces. With the Rounding UVW Keep Shape option, you can modify the UV map used for the fillet of the object so that it follows the contour and aspect of the Cap UV rather than that of the extrusion.