Adjust the Default Light in Cinema 4D

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Adjust Cinema 4D's Default Light in each view to get a better look at your model

Nothing replaces actual lights in your Cinema 4D scene, but the default light provided by Cinema 4D can be easily adjusted to more clearly see the model and previsualize lighting.



- In this Cinema 4D quick tip, I'm going to show you how to change the position of the default light in Cinema 4D. When you create a new scene, it always has a basic light built into it, and this is often the light we'll use as we're initially setting up the scene until we get a chance to set up the actual lights that we're going to use. But sometimes the default light just looks atrocious, and you can't get a good view of your model based on the position of the default light. Well, you can actually change the position of that light. Just go into the Viewport Options menu and choose Default Light. This is going to pop up a dialog box with a sphere. Clicking and dragging on this sphere anywhere will actually move the default light based on where you click on the sphere. And this is actually a good way to get an idea where you might want to place your actual lights once you get to lighting in Cinema 4D. The default light also can be reset by simply right clicking on the sphere. Also, I want to point out that the default light is specific to each viewport. So if I set the default light, here, in this view, and I jump into another view, you'll see the default light is still the same. But I can always go in and adjust the default light differently from this viewport. So that's how you can set the default light, and get a better view of your models before you start the actual lighting process.
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