Access a Command's Options Mode via a Keyboard Shortcut

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Use keyboard shortcuts to execute commands with or without an Options dialog.

Some Cinema 4D commands include an optional dialog where you can change the behavior. This dialog is accessible via the gear icon to the right of the command in the menus, and you can also use the Options Mode checkbox when creating keyboard shortcuts to determine if the options dialog should open or if the command should be executed immediately with the last-used options.



Many of the commands in Cinema 4D include an options mode. In this quick tip, I'm going to show you how to create a keyboard shortcut to open the options mode dialogue. A good example of some of the commands with the options mode are here in the mesh commands menu. Commands like subdivide and optimize include a gear icon to the right of the command itself, and this opens the options mode dialogue. You'll notice that in the menu, we have multiple keyboard shortcuts listed. For subdivide, we have US as well as U+Shift+S. The first is going to execute the command without options. It'll just use the last options that you specified when you opened the options dialogue. And U+Shift+S is actually going to open the options dialogue, so you can adjust the way that the command is executed. Let's go ahead and jump into the customize commands window, Shift+F12, and we'll look at the subdivide command to see how this works in the keyboard shortcut listing. You'll see here that we have two keyboard shortcuts, one with options mode checked, and the other without it checked. And the one that's checked also has brackets around the keyboard shortcut, so you can tell easily when looking at the list, which ones relate to options mode. So, let's go ahead and implement this on another command. CV-Artsmart includes an option mode in the CV-Artsmart import command, where you can adjust how the Illustrator artwork is going to be imported. So, let's go ahead and pull up Artsmart in the customized command window, and here on Artsmart import, I'm going to add two keyboard shortcuts. The first is Ctrl+Shift+I, and that's going to be just the standard Artsmart import. We'll go ahead and hit add. Now, we'll hit Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I, and we'll check the options mode dialogue. And now, we'll hit add again. And now you can see that Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I is enclosed in brackets, so it's going to open the options mode dialogue. So now, if I hit Ctrl+Shift+Alt+I, you'll see that options dialogue, whereas if I hit just Ctrl+Shift+I, it's going to go straight to my open dialogue, where I can choose my Illustrator artwork. So, that's a quick look at how you can specify custom keyboard shortcuts for options mode in Cinema 4D. If you found this quick tip helpful, please like, share and visit, for more great Cinema 4D tutorials and resources.
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