Texturing and Rendering a Wine Bottle: Series Introduction

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Learn how to texture, light, and render a wine bottle in Cinema 4d.

In this tutorial series we will be texturing and rendering a wine bottle in Cinema 4d. We will be covering all the steps necessary to create, prepare and render the wine bottle in a simple studio environment for use in a magazine article. We’ll begin with setting up our project’s file structure, then we cover how to search for and utilize assets from Cinema 4Ds content browser. After that we’ll go over how to use texture projections for precise placement of imagery on an object’s surface. Next we cover how to use HDR images to quickly give your scene realistic lighting and reflections and then we will create and texture a simple studio setup to render our wine bottle in. Then we will introduce simple but targeted lighting using traditional lights as well as light planes. We’ll also cover how to use gradients, filters and color correction tools within cinema to speed up your workflow and prevent you from having to go back and forth to another imaging application. We’ll finish the project by fine tuning the lighting and textures and camera angle to make everything work together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Finally we’ll cover a few tips and tricks in Cinema 4D’s render settings to prepare for our final rendered images.