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Ben Mathis

Position: 3D Character Artist Work Experience: August 2005 – Present Neversoft Entertainment Character Artist – Helped create in game characters for GUN, both low poly versions with color maps only, and versions with specular and normal maps. September 2004 – August 2005 Mythic Entertainment Character Artist – I helped for three months on Dark Age of Camelot's Catacombs expansion, and have since moved over to Mythics new Sci Fi MMORPG. We are using Normal maps generated from high poly models, traditional color maps, and specular maps. All in a highly modular system. December 2004-January 2005 Wild Tangent Sofware Contract Character Artist – I was contracted to make two in game characters. Each model was under 1,000 triangles with a single 512x512 color map. February 2004 – April 2004 Sony Online Entertainment Contract Environment Artist – I was contracted to make several environment objects with 4 levels of detail, each reducing the triangle count by half the previous version. All assets required normal and specular. February 2004 – March 2004 Ironlore Entertainment Contract Character Artist – I was contracted to make four non player character models. Each model was 1300-1500 triangles, and used a 256x256 color map with specular in the alpha channel, and a normal map baked down from high resolution geometry. I was responsible for rigging the characters. Shipped Titles: Tony Hawk Project 8 – Full time – 360, PS3 GUN – Full time - PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, PC Bloodrayne 2 – Full time - PS2, Xbox, PC Dark Age of Camelot:Catacombs – Full time– PC Ghost Recon 2 – Contract - PS2, Xbox, Gamecube Fate – Contract – PC Oblivion – Contract – PC, 360 Rise of Legends – Contract – PC