Is there an industry standard for the way rigger’s arrange face controls?
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I’ve been looking for videos about creating facial animation controls lately, and have found people arrange their controls very differently. For example, some will have one or two vector-style controllers for the mouth, while other may have a set of sliders.

Does anyone know if the major studios use a tried-and-true “standard” layout?

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Hi jietaka,

Yes, that is a good question. Given your last file, there was a lot to adjust in.

I assume three key parts for that answer:

• My impression is that each studio has even its very own standards.

• The use of a specific software might define the possibilities a lot, especially if the studio writes their own software.

• Last but certainly not least, I believe it is based on the character, the rigger, and the artists who create the base of any design.

The variables that these three contain will lead to a wide variety. My observation, in a nutshell, the elements are only provided as much as needed, to allow for the least amount of distraction and the best option to activate those.
Bret Bays, who works now since years as a rigger at Disney on many Oscar nominated or even awarded movies has a nice list of tutorials here on Cineversity. Example:

All in all, whatever you chose to integrate, will follow the idea mentioned already, not in the way and easily accessible.
I have seen many approaches in books, most of them are perhaps already outdated. But after all, those things should serve the artist, and whatever he or she needs.

All the best


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