Getting Started with Cinema 4D, Part 08: Introduction to Organic Modeling
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I am trying to convert a parametric object into a polygonal object with the up left handside botton or the shortcut ‘C’ and this is not actually changing the cube but only visually changing it on the layers tab from a cube to a triangle.

it is not showing like in the video the blue lines around it and it is not letting me alter or edit the separate polygons, points and edges of the object.

Could this also have anything to do with the version of the cinema 4D?

Is there any other way to achieve to do this if so?


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Hi, Adrianajaros,

If you have a specific question, please share your scene file (zipped). I’m not following with the “cube to a triangle”. Thanks. Could it be that you are looking for N-Gon lines? Please share the time when this is discussed in the clip. I try to answer from what I have understood so far, but I’m kind of uncertain, based on the cube to a triangle remark.

Sorry about the missing information. The lines are normally automatically given if the View-Settings are set in an order to do so. Since Cinema 4D is aiming to allow for your individual set-up, those settings are typically set once and then forgotten.
The interface and the settings should be reset for basic training, and if changed, it should be mentioned.
I have recorded a little clip for you, and I hope this will answer the question. If not, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience with this.

Here is the little screen capture:

All the best


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