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I know, this question was asked many times before, but really, for me
it is impossible to find the example-files, related to the tutorials. In this
case “Getting started with C4D”
I don´t get the difference between clicking a video direct or putting someting
into my playlist, but yes, I put the whole tutorial into the playlist, start it, and
again, no button or section for downloading files appears.
This is a bit annoying, in the process of learning… and if so many guys asking
the same question, couldn’t you think about making it easier to find the files
for beginners like me?



Now I see, there is nothing in my playlist. Call me dumb, but how should I bring
something in, or how do I create a playlist? I thought the +-Button in a video adds
it to a playlist (I can´t select) But no, it just starts a video. And the video is in “Active”
Sorry guys, this is really non intuitive, and so i loose my fun in learning in the first
few minutes… I really don´t get the whole structure

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Hi Heiko,

Any available file is normally linked to the FILES button. See image.

Files will be shared for “Member-Only” series after the initial public introduction or later in the series when approriate.

If there are no files provided via the files button, then the instructor has either not shared those or want you do create from scratch, while watching the tutorial.

The “Play-List” is only an option to collect tutorials or presentations to store it for your own use or share it.

All the best

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