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Hi is it possible to morph hair? I would like to control the stiffness/rest hold of the hair using a falloff tool like the pose morph deformer or something similar. So the hair would go from wavy to stiff depending on where I place the falloff.

thanks in advance.

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Hi jevaones,

(Sorry about the delay, we had an internet outage)

The rest hold data is the state that is stored as “Set as Dynamics”. This information wouldn’t be morph-able. You set it and its done, until set newly.

The Dynamics, if set active, will overwrite the Pose Morph (set into point mode) over time.

The Morph Deformer works to a certain degree, but not with the coordinates one might think, based on the Falloff.

I tried also to get something with the Edit Option/ Spline in Hair, but it really doesn’t work.

The Hair Material has for Curls an Advanced mode:

Perhaps, a more specific project, example file, might lead to other ideas. Let me know, I happy to into it.

All the best


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