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Hi there

I was notified of a response to a question I asked earlier in the day but unfortunately the links within the answer take me to the same page - just flagging it hoping to see it corrected as it would be very useful. Apologies for having to chase this up


Using Xpresso to Pipe an Animated Greyscale Texture into a Vertex Map


Hi Hayden,

First: Please post only tutorial related question in the Tutorial Forum,

Here is a file were I hope it does what you describe:

Screen capture and scene file

The Screen capture shows how to adapt this to an new object.

All the best

Thank you,

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Hi Hayden Martin,

I do not moderate this forum, but I saw your name tonight there. I’m glad I check it.

I see that the link was not copied to the clipboard, so the previous link was pasted (again). Sorry about that. It is fixed now.

I hope the file and the screen cast will allow you to do what you need.

The link for both files is (just in case)

All the best


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