Learning character animation
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I would like to learn everything there is to know about character animation, form A to Z. What is the best way? All I see are tutorials on different aspects of it, but nothing complete.

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Hi Pistol Pete,

The Tutorial Forum is only for questions related to a specific tutorial. Each tutorial (or presentation) has a Help button. To keep things organized, that is the way to go, to keep it usable for everyone in the best way.

Please have a look here:

The list is nicely progressing and if one recreates from memory all the steps (not just follow step by step) it should give you a good base in a very short time. Watching just tutorials without recreating it from memeory only, will result in the illusion of owning it. Only this process allows to notice one’s own gaps and what is missing to really get successful.

Character animation is not a fixed and limited set of things one has to learn and then to be done forever. Just check out any making-of from animated feature films, there is always something new the artists/studios have had to develop. Constantly. Another way to describe it would be by exploring what was two decades ago the typical way to animate characters, and what has change since, to get an idea that this field has not stopped to expand at all.

Since the release of the Character Object and the introduction of its templates, things have become much easier or more advanced. The first (easier) is given by using the templates that are provided, on the other end – more complex, by creating your own temples (to make anything after that much easier again by using them!).

Besides that, Character Animation [CA] needs a good command of the application besides anything that is directly labeled CA, to keep the flow of the animation work effortless. If one struggles with simple basics, it might be palpable in the results.

Enjoy the tutorial series.


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