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I’m using some token variables on my render outputs. Getting strange results. “...\RENDERS\$prj\$pass\$prj_$pass_” does not work with C4D command line. “...\RENDERS\Project\$pass\$prj_$pass_” does work via command line. I can make a “pass” folder but not “project\pass” folders.

To be clear I only see the issue with the command line version of C4D. GUI version works fine.

I’m using Deadline for render management so the issue popped up in that context.

Any thoughts on why this would be.

Windows 10
C4D 19.053

Thanks for any help.

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Hi cedarconnor,

I think Rick had a question (in the other forum), and might have helped already, if answered.
But yes, if he can’t reproduce it, maybe it needs the attention of Thinkbox Software.
Sorry for the round trip, you must feel bounced around, not my intention.

Please contact the support

and perhaps the Deadline Forum might be a way as well
Or the Thinkbox Software support directly

My best wishes


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