Modeling a Fork with Polygons, Part 6
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I’ve noticed that there is a difference with the FFD in terms of the following options:

1) Activate a new FFD from the deformers list. Then, in the viewport, manually move / scale points of FFD until satisfied. Then pull FFD points to get a desired effect. This tends to create undesired results when I hope to deform the mesh in predictable ways with and SDS generator.

2) Activate a new FFD from the deformers list. Then, in the attributes manager, use the grid size XYZ to scale the cage around my object. This produces predictable results.

Does this mean that there is only one way to use the FFD, through the attributes manager? Or am I doing something wrong?



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Hi Fauntail,

The settings of the size in the Attribute Manager creates the “Internal Reference”, any move with the points then is “seen” as change.

FIT TO PARENT is perhaps the first step. To scale it when it is a sibling might be a way, but I would use the suggested ways.

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