Need help with motion graphics
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I am looking for a motion graphics and/or animation making program.Can anyone give advice on starting out with motion graphic animation videos? . I need an alternative for Adobe After Effects, so I could make animated movies too. I have tried running other Adobe products with Wine, I would prefer an program, than After FX with Wine. Also, if you know some good stop motion programs, you can recommend them too.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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The only commercial compositing apps I am aware of for Linux are Blackmagic Fusion and Nuke.

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Hi JoeClark,

You asked for tutorials about Motion Graphic. Please use the filter options in the “Tutorials” section and chose: Discipline-> Motion Graphics.

Motion Graphics is a large field. Obviously, anything that can be graphic and animated is used to produce what ever an artist like to do. Which means, any part of the Cinema 4D might create something new and never seen. In return, there are no tutorials for this “never seen”. For that, and other areas, we have the Q&A forum. Besides that, please explore the NAB and Siggraph presentations. There are the top artist in this field sharing their working and give insight to their process and thoughts. A huge source to keep you growing as an Motion Graphic Artist.

However, everything starts with the basics, and that is certainly anything MoGraph. Get fluent with it, would be one of my main suggestions.


The more day-by-day stuff of my doing here: I have to keep things organized, so everyone can find the content needed. Please allow me to just paste the following in. (BTW, that happens often and I don’t mind at all, it is fixed with a few clicks.)

I have moved the post. As the forum (Tutorial) is for direct question to the provided Tutorials.

Please use the help button, if there is a question with a tutorial. This is the way to go to keep things organized and other people can find it.

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