Motion Tracking: Adding Text to Footage, Part 02: Tracking on a patch of grass
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I’m using Version 16 - When I move the Planar constraint points they don’t snap to a point. Is there a something I should have turned on?


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Hi marcpurcell,

There is not a strong magnetic “feel” to it. If you have got the right tracker feature [Null] will be shown in the Attribute Manager (Tag is selected), in the Tab Planar. There is a list, and in this list you should find the three Tracker Features [Nulls] that will determine the orientation of the Planar Tag. It is possible to select those manually. However, if placed, the Nulls should find an entry in this list.
Screen shot:

If nothing happen, please check with the support, and make certain to have the latest R16 version in your case.

I have used the footage of this tutorial, in R16 and R18 to test it for you and to see if there was a change noticeable for me. Both versions works in this regard identical.

All the best


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