cv smart export closing original project when saving FBX with assets
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CV smart export - fbx with assets removes my original c4d project file and closes the scene. No way back from this other than to start project over.
Annoying to lose a mornings work but lucky this did not occur with a larger project.

Cinema 4d save project with assets does not save the assets since last update
Interesting that CV smart export did save all my assets along with the fbx but this mornings assets are no use without the original c4d project.

Maybe a problem with the current c4d build rather than cv smart export???

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I’ve split this into a new thread - it helps me out if each issue has it’s own thread.

I can confirm the issue that when saving with assets the original file is closed, and if the file wasn’t saved there’s no way to get the original c4d file back. I’ve filed this in our bug tracker and will look into it as soon as possible.

Thanks for letting me know.