Siggraph 2016 Rewind - Chris Schmidt: Creating Advanced Controllable Dynamic Splines and Tentacles
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I edited the headline from
“Chris Schmidt Dynamic Tentacles Commands”
“Siggraph 2016 Rewind - Chris Schmidt: Creating Advanced Controllable Dynamic Splines and Tentacles”
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In Chris Shmidt’s tutorial about creating dynamic chains in C4D for things like converging, self-colliding tentacles, he explains that the size of the tentacles can be modular when using a cloner, although to do this there needs to be commands (U,N,D,N) to correctly nest / parent / select objects into the correct order upon being made editable.

Unfortunately, when I followed these steps, I must’ve missed something as I simply couldn’t get this kind of scalability to work…

First off, is there a project file from this lecture?

Secondly, is there any good documentation on creating these kinds of commands? Noob question but do they count as Python? They look incredibly useful!

Finally, using the commands, is there any way you can place actual character Joints between the cubes as well as the Springs and Connectors? I figured that this method could deform a mesh better than using a Spline Rail Deformer…?

Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from somebody soon!


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Hi Hayden,

First the simple questions, U,N,D,N is not considered Python.
A list and explanation with those commands are here:

I’m not certain that this file will be available.
Perhaps one of the Admins can check that out.
If it is possible, I’m certain Chris will support that.

Perhaps you request a tutorial that creates this “modular” set up.
There is certainly more to share than it could be done with a question here.

To replace, i.e., convert certain set ups to Joints, please go to the
Main Menu> Character>Conversions>[select from the flying out menu]

Springs and Connectors are certainly possible, but with the vast amount of computing that they need.
I think Chris showed a more efficient way, but possible, thinkable for sure.

All the best


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