Note of absence: Dr. Sassi
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JUNE 2014

Hi there,
The first two days of next week I will be offline.
Have a great weekend



Hi there,

I will take this Friday off, and I’m back online Monday morning. Sorry, no weekend service from my side this time!

Have a great time



Hi there,

I reached my target this year again, to have an average initial response time below an hour, with an overall service provided pretty much 24/7. (Mostly the middle of the night posts “ruined” a shorter average response time, hehe). Seven days a week—I hope it was again useful for everyone.


Dec 17.:
But once a year I have to step back, and let things go its own path, this is what I will do with the rest of this year: To reflect on what happened and create new ideas is part of my creative process.

It was again a great experience and getting all flavors of questions since over ten years certainly is an adventure. I hope you all had a great year as well. Thanks for being part of Cineversity. I wish you a wonderful time in the last two weeks of this year: celebrate, enjoy and relax, what evermakes you happy!

Take care.

MARCH 2015

March 05, 06 and 09, 2015—I will be offline and take a little break,
. which means as well: no weekend service from my side.

My best wishes



September 17, 18 and 21-23, 2015—I will be offline and take a little break,
... which means as well: no weekend service from my side.

Perhaps, I sneak in one day, but I can’t promise it.

I hope you have a great time as well.

December 2015

December 10: I will be offline during the day for personal maintenance ;o)

October 2016

I tried it on my birthday, but there were so many questions…
So, let’s try again, next Tuesday, Oct 4th, I will be offline

Enjoy (Edit: four threads answered on my birthday, I have to try again to take a day off ;o) too much fun/edit)

December 2016

Tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 7, I will be offline.

Take care

January 2017

To support someone very close to me during a funeral requires some “off” time: after Monday noonish+ (PST) until late Wednesday this week, I’m not really available. I will try anyway.

Sorry about the short notice, but I just got it myself 20 minutes ago. It is roughly three hours driving from L.A., no idea about any further details.
I’m not certain how much online time I can get to answer, perhaps smaller questions, since we are a few hours on the road alone.

All the best

March 2017

Tomorrow, Thursday March 23, I will be offline.

All the best

June 2017

June 30, I will be offline and take a little break.

If nothing else changes: July 1st through 4th, I’m online! No long weekend.

Have a great day as well!


Oct 2017

Oct 12 this Thursday, to Oct 17 next Tuesday, (yes, a very long weekend) I will be mostly offline.

Since no one schedules to have a problem, I do not post this earlier than needed.

Perhaps I find a day to look into some posts, but I will not promise anything.

For these coming days, my best wishes.


Dr. Sassi V. Sassmannshausen Ph.D.

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